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The Charlatans

A Head Full Of Ideas / Live _ Trust Is For Believers

A Head Full Of Ideas / Live _ Trust Is For Believers

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A Head Full Of Ideas is an album by Charlatans, released in 2021. The album is a Coloured Vinyl, Limited Edition 3-LP.



  • : A Head Full Of Ideas
  • A1: The Only One I Know
  • A2: Weirdo
  • A3: Can’t Get Out Of Bed
  • A4: Jesus Hairdo
  • A5: Just When You’re Thinking Things Over
  • A6: North Country Boy
  • B1: Tellin’ Stories
  • B2: One To Another
  • B3: How High
  • B4: Forever
  • B5: Impossible
  • C1: Love Is The Key
  • C2: A Man Needs To Be Told
  • C3: Up At The Lake
  • C4: Blackened Blue Eyes
  • C5: Oh Vanity
  • D1: My Foolish Pride
  • D2: Come Home Baby
  • D3: Let The Good Times Be Never Ending
  • D4: Plastic Machinery
  • D5: Totally Eclipsing
  • : Live _ Trust Is For Believers
  • E1: Polar Bear
  • E2: Indian Rope
  • E3: Can’t Even Be Bothered
  • E4: Can’t Get Out Of Bed
  • E5: I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever To Get There
  • F1: Then
  • F2: Here Comes A Soul Saver
  • F3: My Beautiful Friend
  • F4: The Blind Stagger
  • F5: Sproston Green

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock

Other Information

Released in a trifold sleeve, this special edition includes a signed art print featuring a photograph of Mark Collins, Martin Blunt, Tim Burgess, and Tony Rogers. The image was captured by Cat Stevens in 2014 at Santa Marinella, near Rome, Italy. The print is personally signed by all four members of the band.

Title on the spine is listed as: A Head Full of Ideas / Trust Is For Believers _Live.

The tracks on this record were recorded at various iconic locations and events, including Blackburn, King Georges Hall in 1990, Reading Festival in 1992, Glasgow Tramway Sound City in 1994, Glastonbury Festival in 1995, Hultsfred Festival in Sweden in 1997, Delamare Forest in Cheshire in 2007, and Reading Festival in 1999.

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