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Abhoria was formed by guitarist Vor (also known as Trevor Portz of Ashen Horde) to satisfy his desire to play classic, aggressive black metal. He enlisted talented musicians from the L.A. metal scene, including vocalist Walthrax (formerly of Catheter) and bassist Koszmar (from Vimana). The band collaborated with engineer Shane Howard (known for his work with Vale of Pnath, Martriden, Helleborus) on their debut album. The result is a black metal record that pays homage to the 90s black metal era while incorporating modern production techniques. The album features a blend of brutal black metal elements such as blast beats and tremolo-picked guitars, as well as melodic passages, doom-inspired sections, and varied tempos. Tracks like "Mountebank" showcase high-speed black metal, while the closing song "Sunless" is a seven-minute epic with mid-paced grooves, atmospheric textures, and clean vocals. Abhoria aims to uphold the musical legacy of black metal pioneers like Immortal, Dark Funeral, and Emperor.



  • 1: False Idols (5:00)
  • 2: Mountebank (4:24)
  • 3: The Thorn (5:26)
  • 4: Byzantine Promises (3:51)
  • 5: Grace Expectations (5:48)
  • 6: Unevangelized (5:38)
  • 7: Hollow (4:37)
  • 8: Sunless (7:24)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Black Metal

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Blue and transparent green vinyl.

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