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Bring Me The Horizon



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  • A1: I Apologise If You Feel Something (2:20)
  • A2: Mantra (3:53)
  • A3: Nihilist Blues (5:26)
  • B1: In The Dark (4:31)
  • B2: Wonderful Life (4:34)
  • B3: Ouch (1:49)
  • B4: Medicine (3:47)
  • C1: Sugar Honey Ice & Tea (4:22)
  • C2: Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down (4:29)
  • C3: Fresh Bruises (3:19)
  • D1: Mother Tongue (3:37)
  • D2: Heavy Metal (4:01)
  • D3: I Don't Know What To Say (5:57)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Pop
Styles: Metalcore, Alternative Rock, and Pop Rock

Other Information

Standard black retail variant of "amo" on vinyl. Includes booklet with lyrics and credits.

Misprint alert: Track B3 features a misprint with "ouch" misspelled as "ounch" on the back of the sleeve.

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* Audio and tracklist in this preview may differ from the vinyl record. See tracklist for the vinyl record above.