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Miley Cyrus



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Miley Cyrus' album 'Bangerz' made a powerful entrance onto the music scene, stirring up a storm with its mix of twerking, tongue-wagging, and catchy pop tunes. Chart-toppers like "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" not only topped the charts but also sparked discussions on self-expression, sexuality, and the rollercoaster of fame. This album serves as the perfect soundtrack for those who thrive on excitement, reminding us to embrace the unpredictability of life and dance through it all. This deluxe vinyl edition celebrates the 10th anniversary, featuring updated packaging, never-before-seen photos, and the bonus track "23" with Mike WiLL Made-It.



  • A1: Adore You (4:38)
  • A2: We Can’t Stop (3:51)
  • A3: SMS (Bangerz) (2:49)
  • A4: 4x4 (3:11)
  • B5: My Darlin’ (4:03)
  • B6: Wrecking Ball (3:41)
  • B7: Love Money Party (3:39)
  • B8: #GETITRIGHT (4:24)
  • C9: Drive (4:15)
  • C10: FU (3:51)
  • C11: Do My Thang (3:45)
  • C12: Maybe You’re Right (3:33)
  • D13: Someone Else (4:48)
  • D14: Rooting For My Baby (3:20)
  • D15: On My Own (3:52)
  • D16: Hands In The Air (3:22)
  • : Bonus Track
  • D17: 23 (4:12)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Hip Hop and Pop

Other Information

This is the standard European black version of the 10th-anniversary edition of "Bangerz." It comes in a gatefold cover featuring never-before-seen photos and includes a poster. The track numbers are listed sequentially from 1 to 17 on the back cover.

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