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Brutus VIII



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Brutus VIII is Jackson Katz's (Slow Hollows, Current Joys) rejection of his soft indie-rock band roots into no wave experimentation. Started in 2013 as a solo project, Brutus VIII has remained predominantly solo through various iterations. With jarring and often abrasive live performances, Katz challenges audiences to reconsider their expectations of a performer. The project delves into the hyper-masculine ideal, highlighting the absurdity of machismo. Featuring nihilistic lyrical themes, Brutus VIII embodies the concept of fear as the root of anger. In its purest form, Brutus VIII serves as a commentary on how society perpetuates angry chauvinism while seeking escapism to cope with feelings of helplessness within a relentless cycle.



  • 1: Adolescence(Badlands) (3:39)
  • 2: Asthma Of The Odious Son (3:24)
  • 3: Leave Your Hometown (3:32)
  • 4: Dark Lard (2:48)
  • 5: Anger (3:34)
  • 6: Glassy Eyes (5:11)
  • 7: Logging On (2:12)
  • 8: Mid-Life (Casio Lvl-Up) (3:40)
  • 9: Re (3:13)
  • 10: Ash Wednesday (3:50)
  • 11: Death (Beyond) (4:16)
  • : Bonus Track
  • 12: Sylvain's Hunt

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Pop, and Folk, World, & Country
Styles: Abstract, Alternative Rock, Art Rock, and Breakcore

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