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Gene Clark



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Gene Clark was an American singer-songwriter known for his contributions to The Byrds' greatest hits, such as 'I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better', 'She Don't Care About Time', 'Eight Miles High', and 'Set You Free This Time'. Apart from his work with The Byrds, Clark collaborated with various artists like The Gosdin Brothers, Doug Dillard, and Carla Olson, producing albums that showcased his versatile talent. His solo career produced heavily orchestrated gems like 'No Other' and folk-focused tracks like 'White Light'. Throughout his musical journey, Clark's distinct vocals, poetic lyrics, and melancholic melodies remained consistent, influencing generations of pop artists even after his passing in 1991. To celebrate Gene Clark's enduring legacy, Music On Vinyl presents the Collected compilation album in partnership with Universal Music. This career-spanning 2LP collection features Clark's greatest songs, including tracks from his time with The Byrds, The Gosdin Brothers, Carla Olson, and other collaborations. The limited edition of Gene Clark - Collected includes an exclusive third bonus LP, not available in the regular 2LP edition. The bonus LP contains rare gems like 'So You Say You Lost Your Baby (Acoustic Demo)' with The Gosdin Brothers, 'Lyin' Down The Middle' as Dillard & Clark, 'Del Gato (Live)', 'Changes' with Carla Olson, and alternative versions of 'One In A Hundred' and 'She's The



  • A1: I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better
  • A2: Set You Free This Time
  • A3: Echoes
  • A4: I Found You
  • A5: Los Angeles
  • A6: Train Leaves Here This Mornin'
  • A7: The Radio Song
  • A8: Why Not Your Baby
  • B1: Don't Let Me Down
  • B2: Rocky Top
  • B3: White Light
  • B4: For A Spanish Guitar
  • B5: 1975
  • B6: She's The Kind Of Girl
  • B7: Full Circle Song
  • C1: She Don't Care About Time
  • C2: Changing Heart
  • C3: No Other
  • C4: Life's Greatest Fool
  • C5: Strength Of Strings
  • C6: Home Run King
  • D1: In The Pines
  • D2: Don't You Write Her Off
  • D3: Backstage Pass
  • D4: Tambourine Man
  • D5: If You Could Read My Mind
  • D6: Gypsy Rider
  • E1: So You Say Your Lost Your Baby (Acoustic Demo)
  • E2: I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  • E3: That's Alright By Me
  • E4: Wall Around Your Heart
  • E5: Lyin' Down The Middle
  • E6: Dark Hollow
  • E7: The American Dreamer
  • E8: Stand By Me
  • F1: Ship Of The Lord
  • F2: Opening Day
  • F3: Winter In
  • F4: One In A Hundred (Alternative Version)
  • F5: She's The Kind Of Girl (Alternative Version)
  • F6: Del Gato (Live)
  • F7: Changes

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Pop
Styles: Country Rock

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Limited Edition of 3000 individually numbered copies.

Career-spanning 2LP featuring his greatest solo recordings and collaborations with The Byrds, Dillard & Clark, Gosdin Brothers, and more. Plus a bonus LP with rarities and outtakes. Includes a booklet with liner notes and photos.

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