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Czar Noir

Czar Noir

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Released 2023, US

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  • : Dark Side:
  • A1: Czarface Theme 3099 (1:50)
  • A2: Winged Fingers (2:01)
  • A3: Voyage Dans Le Temps (1:37)
  • A4: She Could Use Another Friend (1:54)
  • A5: Rise Of Czar Noir (1:12)
  • A6: Quick Thinking
  • A7: Mass Transit
  • : Light Side:
  • B1: Avant-Czar (1:40)
  • B2: Czarbot 1 Theme (1:29)
  • B3: Gas Trick (0:54)
  • B4: Pedestrians Run (1:09)
  • B5: Fights Are Like That (1:49)
  • B6: Dzzzt! (1:32)
  • B7: Next Time On Czar Noir

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Hip Hop
Styles: Instrumental and Ambient

Other Information

Czarface presents a thrilling action-packed adventure in the form of a Czarface comic, Czar Noir. This exclusive vinyl soundtrack includes 3 new bonus tracks, enhancing the experience of diving into the comic's narrative. Reminiscent of the popular power records series from the ‘70s, fans can immerse themselves in the story by following along in the comic while listening to the tale unfold on vinyl. DJ 7L & the Czar-keys provide the musical backdrop for this all-new, colorful Czarface escapade, filled with death, destruction, mayhem, and high drama. Get ready for Czar Noir.

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