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Average White Band

Feel No Fret

Feel No Fret

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AWB's repertoire has been a source of inspiration and influence for many R&B acts, making them one of the most sampled bands in history. Their music remains relevant today, appealing to new generations of audiences. Artists like Snoop Dogg, Fatboy Slim, Ice Cube, Puff Daddy, TLC, Rick Ross,, and Mark Ronson have all incorporated sections of AWB's grooves into their own music. "Feel No Fret" is the 8th album by AWB, originally released in 1979. The album achieved success, reaching #15 in the UK and #32 in the USA. It features hit singles such as 'Atlantic Avenue', 'Walk On By', 'When Will You Be Mine', and the widely sampled 'Stop The Rain'. 'When Will You Be Mine' reached #33 in the US. This album marked the band's final complete studio album for Atlantic Records, produced in collaboration with Gene Paul.



  • A1: When Will You Be Mine (4:26)
  • A2: Please Don't Fall In Love (3:44)
  • A3: Walk On By (3:59)
  • A4: Feel No Fret (6:24)
  • B1: Stop The Rain (4:30)
  • B2: Atlantic Avenue (3:16)
  • B3: Ace Of Hearts (3:51)
  • B4: Too Late To Cry (4:00)
  • B5: Fire Burning (3:29)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Funk / Soul
Styles: Funk and Soul

Other Information

New mastering by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering. Manufactured in the EU.

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