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Feel This

Feel This

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Riff-monsters Crobot conjures up the kind of rock 'n' roll that has grooves so powerful they throw you around the room and hooks high enough to shake the heavens. With tens of millions of streams, countless shows, and acclaim from the likes of Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Kerrang, BBC Radio, SiriusXM Octane, Loudwire, Guitar World, and more, Brandon Yeagley (vocals), Chris Bishop (guitar), Tim Peugh (bass), and Dan Ryan (drums) realize their vision like never before on their fifth full-length album, 'Feel This', available everywhere June 3rd via Mascot Records. 'Feel This' is the follow-up to 2019's Top 10 Heatseekers album, 'Motherbrain', whose cumulative streams have surpassed 30 million, with 20 million for the goliath single "Low Life" - a US Top 10 hit at Mainstream Rock radio with a 29-week run on the Billboard charts. "This is the record we've been wanting to do ever since we started," exclaims Brandon. You'll feel rock 'n' roll come to life in Crobot's hands. "We never want to make the same album twice," Brandon concludes. "There is something for every Crobot fan out there as well as newcomers. At the same time, we're having fun. We want to be taken seriously, but not too seriously - because this is



  • A1: Electrified
  • A2: Dizzy
  • A3: Set You Free
  • A4: Better Times
  • A5: Golden
  • A6: Without Wings
  • B1: Livin' On The Streets
  • B2: Into The Fire
  • B3: Dance With The Dead
  • B4: Holy Ghost
  • B5: Never Break Me
  • B6: Staring Straight Into The Sun

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock and Stoner Rock

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