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Andrew W.K.

God Is Partying

God Is Partying

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Andrew W.K./God Is Partying (White Vinyl + Poster) - Andrew W.K. marks another intense chapter in his career with his fifth full-length rock album, "God Is Partying." This album showcases Andrew W.K.'s musical talents as he performs all the instruments and co-produces the album with Grammy Award-winning engineer Ted Young. "God Is Partying" consists of nine exhilarating tracks that delve into complex lyrical themes while remaining relatable and inspiring. From the energetic single "Babalon" to the storytelling of "Remember Your Oath," this album invites fans to embrace their own power and revel in musical euphoria. The album opens with the melodic keyboard stylings of "Everybody Sins," leading into a journey of maximalist rock and synthesizer-infused epics. Tracks like "No One To Know" and "Stay True To Your Heart" showcase Andrew W.K.'s evolving abilities as a vocalist and songwriter. With fiery tracks like "I'm In Heaven" and the album closer, "And Then We Blew Apart," "God Is Partying" captures the essence of Andrew W.K.'s emotional and invigorating sound. This White Vinyl Edition includes a poster.



  • A1: Everybody Sins
  • A2: Babalon
  • A3: No One To Know
  • A4: Stay True To Your Heart
  • B5: Goddess Partying
  • B6: I'm In Heaven
  • B7: Remember Your Oath
  • B8: My Tower
  • B9: And Then We Blew Apart

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Prog Rock, Progressive Metal, and Arena Rock

Other Information

Gatefold sleeve. The white vinyl may feature a subtle black marbling effect.

Track positions are listed sequentially on the back, regardless of which LP side they belong to.

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