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Limited vinyl LP pressing. Beck surprised fans and critics with his 2005 release, "Guero," following up on the success of "Sea Change." The album, which reached #2 on the Billboard Top 200, marked Beck's highest charting album at the time. Teaming up with the Dust Brothers and producer Tony Hoffer (known for his work on "Midnite Vultures"), Beck's eighth album is a genre-defying masterpiece. "Guero" is a fusion of Latin rhythms, rhymes, guitars, beats, samples, 8-bit electronics, turntables, and vocoder, offering a dynamic journey through rock, hip-hop, bossa nova, country-blues, and soul. The album features standout tracks like the chart-topping 'E-Pro,' as well as 'Girl,' 'Hell Yes,' and 'Go It Alone' (featuring Jack White on bass), all of which quickly became fan favorites. Critics praised Beck's ability to seamlessly blend various musical elements, with New York magazine noting, "Beck integrates his personae into a fairly seamless whole... the songs migrate smoothly from one to the next." Rolling Stone described "Guero" as "his liveliest and jumpiest music in years."



  • A1: E-Pro (3:22)
  • A2: Qué Onda Guero (3:29)
  • A3: Girl (3:30)
  • A4: Missing (4:44)
  • A5: Black Tambourine (2:46)
  • A6: Earthquake Weather (4:26)
  • B1: Hell Yes (3:18)
  • B2: Broken Drum (4:30)
  • B3: Scarecrow (4:16)
  • B4: Go It Alone (4:09)
  • B5: Farewell Ride (4:19)
  • B6: Rental Car (3:05)
  • B7: Emergency Exit (4:01)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic, Hip Hop, and Rock
Styles: Indie Rock, Electro, Alternative Rock, and Pop Rock

Other Information

This gatefold cover vinyl record, weighing 140 grams, was produced, recorded, and mixed by Beck Hansen and The Dust Brothers at The Boat in Silverlake, CA. Additional tracks were worked on by Beck Hansen and Tony Hoffer at Madhatter and Sound Factory in Los Angeles, CA.

The album features a variety of co-writers and publishers, including Youthless/Kobalt Music Publishing, Dust Brothers Music/Universal Music Corp., Brooklyn Dust Music/Universal-Polygram International Publishing Inc., Careers-BMG Music Publishing, Inc., Guanabara Music Co., Be Love Publishing Company, and Cotillion Music, Inc.

Several tracks on the record contain samples or elements from other songs, with permissions and licenses obtained from various record labels and music groups such as Capitol Records, Inc., RCA Records, Seaside Records, Motown Records, Atlantic Records, Warner Strategic Marketing, UMG Recordings, Inc., Universal Music Enterprises, and Island Def Jam Music Group.

This vinyl includes a diverse range of musical influences and collaborations, making it a unique addition to any collection.

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* Audio and tracklist in this preview may differ from the vinyl record. See tracklist for the vinyl record above.