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Half Mirror

Half Mirror

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On his debut album, "Half Mirror," Matthew O'Connell combines analog synths with folk songwriting to create a cosmic yet grounded sound. Influenced by artists such as Songs: Ohia, Tricky, and Mark Hollis, the album evokes a moody sense of place - from the fog-laden mountain peaks to the morning dew and the earthy scent of rhododendrons in the air.



  • A1: Cold (2:43)
  • A2: Whitewaterside (3:32)
  • A3: Watching The Beams (4:20)
  • A4: Blue Ridge (3:27)
  • B1: Midday Sun (4:57)
  • B2: Billowing (3:30)
  • B3: Ohio (2:45)
  • B4: Mirror (4:48)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Folk, World, & Country
Styles: Experimental, Ambient, and Folk

Other Information

Includes a lyric sheet and download card. Catalog number on the spine reads WV224, while the hype sticker lists it as WV224LP.

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