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Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You

Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You

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Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You, set to be released on August 11th via Domino, is an album that captures the essence of music in its purest form - created and meant to be experienced in a room. It brings forth the sound of people coming together, a sound that was once feared lost, playing instruments, harmonizing, and singing in unison. The album invites listeners to easily and joyfully join in, but beneath its surface lies a question - is it a family portrait or a fairy tale? How does it perceive the creation and ultimate fate of the world?

Recorded in Louisville by Nick Roeder, Keeping Secrets Will Destroy You features a talented lineup including Sara Louise Callaway on violin, Kendall Carter on keys, Elisabeth Fuchsia on viola and violin, Dave Howard on mandolin, Drew Miller on saxophone, and Dane Waters providing vocals. The presence of these local musicians and music educators not only results in a seamless blend of musical styles ranging from classical to Japanese acid folk and beyond but also underscores the importance of community, heritage, and the enduring legacy that defines the essence of this music.



  • A1: Like It Or Not
  • A2: Behold! Be Held!
  • A3: Bananas
  • A4: Blood Of The Wine
  • A5: Sing Them Down Together
  • A6: Kentucky Is Water
  • B1: Willow, Pine And Oak
  • B2: Trees Of Hell
  • B3: Rise And Rule (She Was Born In Honolulu)
  • B4: Queens Of Sorrow
  • B5: Crazy Blue Bells
  • B6: Good Morning, Popocatépetl

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Folk, World, & Country

Other Information

Front cover photograph features "Cafeteria, Yan'an China (Place of the Winter Home after the Long March)" by Joe Wolek. Back cover photograph showcases "Bonny at Big Sur Grange Hall" by Terry Way.

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