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Ladies And Gentlemen… The Bangles!

Ladies And Gentlemen… The Bangles!

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Limited pink colored vinyl LP pressing. "Ladies and Gentlemen... The Bangles!" is a compilation originally released in 2014. This release compiles all of the band's early material before they were signed to major label Columbia Records in 1984.



  • A1: Bitchen Summer / Speedway (2:49)
  • A2: Getting Out Of Hand (2:15)
  • A3: Call On Me (1:33)
  • A4: The Real World (2:35)
  • A5: I’m In Line (3:04)
  • A6: Want You (2:18)
  • A7: Mary Street (2:41)
  • B1: How Is The Air Up There? (2:56)
  • B2: Outside Chance (Demo Version) (1:54)
  • B3: Steppin’ Out (Demo Version) (2:15)
  • B4: The Real World (Demo Version) (1:57)
  • B5: Call On Me (Demo Version) (1:41)
  • B6: Tell Me (Live) (2:14)
  • B7: 7 & 7 Is (Live) (2:04)
  • B8: No Mag Commercial (0:39)
  • B9: The Rock & Roll Alternative Program Theme Song (2:17)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Power Pop and Pop Rock

Other Information

Ten Bands One Cause Edition. This record is pressed on translucent pink vinyl and comes with a custom credit inner sleeve. The 12 x 12" cut sheet included pictures 4 variations of the original cassette cover.

Track A1 was originally issued on "Rodney On The ROQ Vol. III" by Posh Boy, PSB 140 (1982) and was produced & engineered by Dave Peterson.

Tracks A2 and A3 were originally issued on Downkiddie Records, DK-001 (1981) and were recorded at Radio Tokyo, engineered by Ethan James.

Tracks A4 to A7 and B1 were originally issued on "Bangles" by Faulty Products, FEP 1302 (1982) and produced by Craig Leon.

Tracks B2 to B5 were recorded in 1981.

Track B6 was recorded live at Dingwalls, London, England in 1984.

Track B7 was recorded live at The Palace, Hollywood, CA in 1984.

Track B8 was originally issued on "The Radio Tokyo Tapes" by Ear Movie Records, EM C0027 (1983).

Tracks B2 to B9 were originally issued on "Ladies And Gentlemen...The Bangles!" by Down Kiddie (2014).

Tracks B3 and B4 were produced by the Bangs and engineered by Dave Peterson.

Track B9 was produced & engineered by Dave Peterson.

Ephemera courtesy of The Bangles.

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