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Carpenter Brut

Leather Terror

Leather Terror

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After 2018's "LEATHER TEETH," Carpenter Brut returns with "LEATHER TERROR," the second installment of his envisioned "Leather" trilogy. This album continues the narrative of Bret Halford as he pursues vengeance against the individuals responsible for his trauma, those who previously obstructed his relationship with high school cheerleader Kendra. Drawing inspiration from martial, industrial, and metal genres, with elements of pop and atmospheric music, Carpenter Brut's music sets the tone for Bret's unyielding quest for retribution.



  • A1: Opening Title
  • A2: Straight Outta Hell
  • A3: The Widow Maker
  • B4: Imaginary Fire
  • B5: "... Good Night, Goodbye"
  • B6: Day Stalker
  • C7: Night Prowler
  • C8: Lipstick Masquerade
  • C9: Color Me Blood
  • D10: Stabat Mater
  • D11: Paradisi Gloria
  • D12: Leather Terror

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic
Styles: Synthwave

Other Information

Released in a gatefold sleeve with inside-out printing, this vinyl record includes a double-sided insert. Made in the EU, this album features tracks numbered in sequence. Catalog# 4537628 appears on the barcode sticker only.

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