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Lost Souls

Lost Souls

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Released 2023, UK & US

Corpse, it was Linkin Park's Chester Bennington that first ignited the spark in Caskets vocalist Matt Flood. The parallels are clear. Caskets' sound builds around Matt's dynamic vocals, honed through a range of previous musical endeavors, and perfectly complementing the band's mastery of heavy and soft. But it's their forward-thinking attitude that better aligns both bands, with Matt's vocal hero paving a new path for melody and metal, and Caskets now set to further reinvent expectations of metalcore and post-hardcore. Clear with Gold Black Splatter.



  • A1: The Only Ones (5:01)
  • A2: Glass Heart (3:44)
  • A3: Hold Me Now (4:00)
  • A4: Lost In Echoes (3:38)
  • A5: Clarity (3:43)
  • A6: Hopes & Dreams (5:01)
  • B1: Drowned In Emotion (3:43)
  • B2: Lose Myself (3:54)
  • B3: The Final Say (4:31)
  • B4: One More Time (4:03)
  • B5: Nothing To Hide (4:20)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Post-Hardcore

Other Information

2023 pressing of "Lost Souls" by Caskets. Hype sticker indicates "Limited Pressing - Clear with Gold & Black Splatter - Only 1,300" copies. Originally offered for purchase on Eyesore Merch (UK), later released on Sharptone's label store (US) and other retailers including Amazon.

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