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Yoshino Aoki

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack

Mega Man Battle Network 2 Original Video Game Soundtrack

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Released 2023, US

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  • A1: Theme Of Rockman EXE 2
  • A2: Secret Maneuvers
  • A3: Hometown
  • A4: At Okuden
  • A5: Marine Harbor
  • A6: Official Center
  • A7: Begin A Journey
  • A8: Busy Street Of A Foreign Country
  • A9: Ameroppa Castle
  • A10: Alley
  • A11: Underground Prison
  • A12: Sky Travel
  • A13: Determination In Heart
  • A14: Suspicious Mood
  • A15: Incident Occurance!
  • A16: Vicinity Of Sorrow
  • A17: Proof Of Courage
  • A18: Transmission!
  • A19: Smokey Field
  • B1: Time Limit
  • B2: A Serious Mission
  • B3: Fear In The Castle
  • B4: Magnetic Airplane
  • B5: You Can't Go Back
  • B6: Internet World
  • B7: Fearful
  • B8: And You Will Know The Truth
  • B9: Virus Busting
  • B10: Battle Spirit
  • B11: VS. Gospel
  • B12: Style Change
  • B13: Pressure
  • B14: Peace Again

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Stage & Screen
Styles: Chiptune, Soundtrack, and Video Game Music

Other Information

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. proudly presents the original Game Boy Advance soundtrack to CAPCOM's Mega Man Battle Network 2, now available on vinyl for the first time. Following the success of Mega Man Battle Network in 2001, this beloved sequel arrived in Japanese GBAs just before Christmas, with North America and Europe receiving their copies in 2002. The game mechanics were upgraded for improved playability, but it was Yoshino Aoki's score that truly enhanced the gaming experience over twenty years ago. Yoshino Aoki, known for her work on Breath of Fire III & IV, took on full composer duties for Mega Man Battle Network 2, showcasing her talent for creating catchy, melodic tunes that resonated with players. The soundtrack has been newly remastered and is now available on an exclusive limited edition vinyl variant, featuring original artwork from the CAPCOM archives. Don't miss out on this fast-selling title that is sure to delight fans of the Mega Man franchise!

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