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Alice In Chains

Rainier Fog

Rainier Fog

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Alice in Chains' "Rainier Fog" is a haunting auditory journey that immerses listeners in a dense atmosphere of introspection and melancholy. Released in 2018, the album's title track encapsulates the band's signature grunge sound, blending gritty guitar riffs with Layne Staley's successor William DuVall's soulful vocals. The music unfolds like a misty landscape, mirroring the album's title inspired by the ominous Seattle weather. The lyrics evoke a sense of longing and reflection, weaving a narrative that navigates through personal struggles and the passage of time. The song's dynamic shifts create an emotional ebb and flow, accentuated by Jerry Cantrell's masterful guitar work. "Rainier Fog" stands as a testament to Alice in Chains' ability to capture the essence of the Pacific Northwest's moody ambience while delivering a powerful and resonant musical experience.



  • A1: The One You Know ()
  • A2: Rainier Fog ()
  • A3: Red Giant ()
  • A4: Fly ()
  • B1: Drone ()
  • B2: Deaf Ears Blind Eyes ()
  • B3: Maybe ()
  • C1: So Far Under ()
  • C2: Never Fade ()
  • C3: All I Am ()

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Alternative Rock and Grunge

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Side D features a unique etching, adding a special touch to this anniversary edition as indicated by the gray sticker with white lettering.

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