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Alice Cooper

School's Out

School's Out

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New deluxe edition of the classic 1972 Alice Cooper album, School's Out. School's Out (Deluxe Edition) offers the album in a newly remastered version along with rarities such as single versions of the title track and "Gutter Cat vs. The Jets," as well as two previously unreleased tracks: an alternate version of "Alma Mater" and an early demo of "Elected." Additionally, a Miami concert from May 27, 1972, is also included, recorded just weeks before the band went into the studio to record the School's Out album.



  • : Original Album Remastered ()
  • A1: School's Out (3:30)
  • A2: Luney Tune (3:40)
  • A3: Gutter Cat Vs. The Jets (4:39)
  • A4: Street Fight (0:53)
  • A5: Blue Turk (5:31)
  • B1: My Stars (5:49)
  • B2: Public Animal #9 (3:52)
  • B3: Alma Mater (4:25)
  • B4: Grande Finale (4:26)
  • : Live in Miami, FL May 27, 1972 (Previously Unissued) ()
  • C1: Be My Lover (5:32)
  • C2: You Drive Me Nervous (2:22)
  • C3: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (4:02)
  • C4: I'm Eighteen (5:52)
  • D1: Halo Of Flies (10:12)
  • D2: Dead Babies (6:17)
  • D3: Killer (7:38)
  • E1: Long Way To Go (5:16)
  • E2: School's Out (8:28)
  • E3: Is It My Body (8:02)
  • : Studio Extras ()
  • F1: School's Out (Single Version) (3:32)
  • F2: Gutter Cat (Single Version) (3:49)
  • F3: Alma Mater (Alternate Version) (4:10)
  • F4: Elected (Early Take) (Previously Unissued) (4:18)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Hard Rock

Other Information

50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition featuring book-style gatefold packaging and plain black inner sleeves. This edition pays homage to the original packaging, including the legendary Panties (Non-Flammable this time). Some copies sold online and in independent record shops include an autographed 12"X12" art card signed by Alice Cooper, Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce, and Neal Smith. The art card is packaged loose on the outside of the album, not sealed within or under the shrink film.

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