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Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash

Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash

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Having successfully outlasted their self-described 'guaranteed real teenagers' tagline when they first burst in earshot in 1994, ASH announce the release of Teenage Wildlife: 25 Years Of Ash through BMG. Teenage Wildlife traces the band's recording career from exuberant debut Jack Names The Planets through to the likes of BuzzKill from 2018's top twenty album Islands whilst also including a brand new offering Darkest Hour Of The Night alongside thirteen Top 40 singles such as Girl From Mars, Gold Finger, Oh Yeah amid an array of the band's recorded history. From their mini-album Trailer, a volley of intent with Jack Names The Planets, Uncle Pat and Petrol recorded whilst still at school debut album proper, 1996's Number One album 1977, almost imploding with the follow-up Nu-Clear Sounds, the addition of teenage guitarist Charlotte Hatherley, 1998's historic Northern Irish Referendum show in Belfast before a return to the number one spot with the universally acclaimed Free All Angels seeing Tim Wheeler awarded with an Ivor Novello for Shining Light, consolidating a reputation for a run of extraordinary singles. Whether the original trio or expanded four-piece with the multi-talented Hatherley, ASH have continually excelled both live and on record - an edited overview of reflection, Teenage Wildlife encapsulates the past twenty-five years perfectly.



  • A1: A Life Less Ordinary
  • A2: Arcadia
  • A3: Darkest Hour Of The Night
  • A4: Kung Fu
  • A5: Cocoon
  • A6: You Can't Have It All
  • B1: Girl From Mars
  • B2: Wildsurf
  • B3: Shining Light
  • B4: Starcrossed
  • B5: Buzzkill
  • B6: Goldfinger
  • C1: Burn Baby Burn
  • C2: Dare To Dream
  • C3: Annabel
  • C4: Machinery
  • C5: Sometimes
  • D1: Oh Yeah
  • D2: Angel Interceptor
  • D3: Jesus Says
  • D4: Orpheus
  • D5: Jack Names The Planets

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Pop
Styles: Alternative Rock and Britpop

Other Information

2LP set manufactured in the E.U. Initial copies available via were signed by the band.

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