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The Maverick Years

The Maverick Years

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THE MAVERICK YEARS will be available exclusively on vinyl on September 22. The set introduces newly remastered versions of Candlebox (1993), Lucy (1995), and Happy Pills (1998) as double LPs, along with a single album of unreleased outtakes, demos, and more. Candlebox and Lucy will make their North American vinyl debut, while Happy Pills will be available on vinyl for the first time anywhere.



  • : Candlebox
  • A1: Don’t You
  • A2: Change
  • A3: You
  • B1: No Sense
  • B2: Far Behind
  • B3: Blossom
  • C1: Arrow
  • C2: Rain
  • C3: Mother’s Dream
  • D1: Cover Me
  • D2: He Calls Home
  • D3: Sorry I Let You Down
  • D4: 10,000 Horses (Demo)
  • : Lucy
  • E1: Simple Lessons
  • E2: Drowned
  • E3: Lucy
  • E4: Best Friend
  • F1: Become (To Tell)
  • F2: Understanding
  • F3: Crooked Halo
  • F4: Bothered
  • G1: Butterfly
  • G2: It’s Amazing
  • G3: Vulgar Before Me
  • G4: Butterfly (Reprise)
  • H1: Lucy (Live At KISW/ Seattle 1995)
  • H2: Wasted (Moss Alley) (Demo)
  • H3: A Stone’s Throw (Demo)
  • H4: Every Time Lately/Footsteps Today
  • : Happy Pills
  • I1: 10,000 Horses
  • I2: Happy Pills
  • I3: Blinders
  • J1: It’s Alright
  • J2: A Stone Throw’s Away
  • J3: So Real
  • K1: Offerings
  • K2: Sometimes
  • K3: Step Back
  • L1: Belmore Place
  • L2: Breakaway
  • L3: Look What You’ve Done
  • : Candlebonus
  • M1: Happy Pills (Demo)
  • M2: Mountain Song (Live At KISW/Seattle 1995)
  • M3: Giant Steps (Moss Alley)
  • M4: Capsized-Keys
  • M5: Sometimes
  • N1: Dream
  • N2: Mother’s Dream
  • N3: Break Away
  • N4: Sometimes

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Grunge and Alternative Rock

Other Information

- Remastered from the original mixes and cut from hi-res (96/24) files.
- Track J2 is misspelled as “A Stone Throw’s Away”.
- The hype sticker incorrectly states “Lucy on vinyl for the first time” [link to Discogs page].
- No barcode or catalog number are printed on the box or sleeves.
- Made in The Netherlands.
- Runout description: 38054 XY 0081227883652- is machine-stamped, the rest is hand-etched on all sides.

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* Audio and tracklist in this preview may differ from the vinyl record. See tracklist for the vinyl record above.