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The Rose Of Aces

The Rose Of Aces

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Released 2023, US

Cordovas present "The Rose Of Aces," an album that encapsulates the journey of rock'n'roll seekers striving to find their unique sound and deeper truths about the human experience. Influenced by legendary bands like the Allman Brothers Band, Grateful Dead, and the Band, Cordovas blend jamming elements with a strong focus on songwriting. With each track, starting from "Fallen Angels," the band showcases their evolving musical prowess throughout The Rose Of Aces.



  • A1: Fallen Angels Of Rock ’n’ Roll
  • A2: What Is Wrong?
  • A3: High Roller
  • A4: Sunshine
  • A5: Sky, Land & Sea
  • A6: Deep River
  • B1: Stone Cold Stoned
  • B2: Change The Way You Talk
  • B3: Last To Know
  • B4: Skyline
  • B5: Love Is All It Takes
  • B6: Somos Iguales

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Country Rock and AOR

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