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Daniel Avery

Together In Static

Together In Static

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Mute presents Daniel Avery's new album "Together in Static," featuring songs originally created for live shows but evolved into a full album during the creative process. Following the surprise release of "Love + Light" in 2020 and the collaborative album with Nine Inch Nails keyboardist Alessandro Cortini, "Illusion Of Time," Avery shares his journey with this latest project. "As with many things this past year, the project took on a power and a life of its own right in front of me," Avery reflects. Initially planned for a few small gigs at Hackney Church during the last lockdown, the music production expanded as circumstances shifted. What began as music tailored for live performances transformed into a complete record that Avery is excited to unveil. Describing it as some of his best work, Avery expresses his anticipation for listeners to experience the album.



  • A1: Crystal Eyes
  • A2: Yesterday Faded
  • A3: Nowhere Sound
  • A4: The Pursuit Of Joy
  • A5: Fountain Of Peace
  • B1: Together In Static
  • B2: A Life That Is Your Own
  • B3: Hazel And Gold
  • B4: Endless Hours
  • B5: The Midnight Sun

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic
Styles: Ambient, IDM, and Techno

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