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Masami Ueda and Sayaka Morita

Viewtiful Joe 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack

Viewtiful Joe 2 - Original Video Game Soundtrack

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  • A1: Grand Opening
  • A2: Trailer
  • A3: There's More to the Story
  • A4: GM01
  • A5: Ten-Million Years B.C.
  • A6: GM02
  • A7: GM03
  • A8: GM04
  • A9: EV01
  • A10: Drill Sergeant
  • A11: Viewtiful Heroes and the Salute
  • B1: Railroad Battle
  • B2: Ancient Guardian
  • B3: Memories of an Invincible Monster
  • B4: Cyber Phantom
  • B5: Thunder Boy Lives Twice
  • B6: EV02
  • B7: Underworld Emperor
  • B8: Concession Stand
  • C1: Ice Edge
  • C2: Blizzard Hazard
  • C3: Mad Scientist
  • C4: EV03
  • C5: EV04
  • C6: Starship Viewties
  • C7: Emperor of Gedow
  • C8: Dark Kaiser
  • D1: Ultra Black Behemoth
  • D2: EV08
  • D3: EV09
  • D4: EV10
  • D5: Dark Hero
  • D6: EV11
  • D7: True Heroes
  • D8: EV12
  • D9: Happier Ending
  • D10: Clover Harvest
  • D11: The 36th Chamber of Viewtiful
  • D12: That's a Rap!

Genres & Styles

Genres: Stage & Screen
Styles: Video Game Music and Soundtrack

Other Information

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The original soundtrack to the cult classic video game has been remastered and is now available on vinyl for the very first time. This limited edition colored vinyl features new artwork by Drew Wise and liner notes by Anthony John Agnello."

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