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Major Murphy



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Released 2021, USA & Europe

Access, the second album by Major Murphy, released on April 02, 2021 via Winspear, is an album that reflects a pivotal moment in the band's journey. It is a cohesive piece of work that embraces heavy rock'n'roll sounds and textured atmospheres, infused with a pro-idea, hyper-creative warmth. In nine songs, it manages to transport the listener through time, addressing intrinsic anxieties while painting a fantastical and vibrant picture, all wrapped in a familiar, occasionally childlike tone. The album delves into the experiences of new parents, navigating uncertainty and seeking a sense of control in uncharted territory. Songwriter Jacob Bullard shares poignant moments of teaching his young son to breathe through his nose, alongside reflections on missing his son and partner, Jacki Warren. Tracks like "In the Meantime" capture the universal anxieties of parenthood, while the title track "Access" serves as both a personal plea for patience and humility, and a motivational call to strive for excellence. Major Murphy, comprising Jacob Bullard, Brian Voortman, and Chad Houseman from Grand Rapids, Michigan, presents a compelling narrative of resilience in the face of adversity. The album encourages embracing the darkness and living life with wild hope, offering a fresh perspective on personal introspection. -Katie Crutchfield (Waxahatchee)



  • A1: Access (4:29)
  • A2: Attention (2:57)
  • A3: In The Meantime (3:47)
  • A4: Unfazed (5:55)
  • B1: Real (3:45)
  • B2: Rainbow (3:23)
  • B3: Tear It Apart (4:18)
  • B4: Flower (3:47)
  • B5: Blind (2:17)

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Genres: Pop

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