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Jelly Roll

Ballads Of The Broken

Ballads Of The Broken

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Released 2022, US

Jelly Roll, the versatile singer/songwriter/rapper, presents his latest album "Ballads of the Broken." This introspective 10-track record delves into his current season of life, showcasing personal and sonic growth. For the first time, Jelly Roll explores a more melodic approach, with minimal rapping throughout the album. Each song is a product of his pen, reflecting a newfound emotional depth and a fusion of country, rock, and hip-hop elements into his distinctive style (Billboard). Despite his tough exterior of tattoos and piercings, Jelly Roll's vulnerability shines through in "Ballads of the Broken," a narrative steeped in self-examination and hardship. Drawing from his own tumultuous journey encompassing relationships, substance abuse, mental health, and life's challenges, the album portrays a man who has weathered the storm, regained his footing, yet acknowledges the long road ahead.



  • A1: Dead Man Walking (3:21)
  • A2: Backslide (3:03)
  • A3: Son Of A Sinner (3:52)
  • A4: Over You (2:16)
  • A5: Hollow (3:13)
  • B1: Even Angels Cry (2:53)
  • B2: Sober (2:36)
  • B3: Empty House (3:32)
  • B4: Mobile Home (Demo) (2:21)
  • B5: Son Of a Sinner (Demo) (3:55)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Hip Hop, Rock, and Folk, World, & Country

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Made in Canada and still in its original shrink wrap.

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