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James LaBrie

Beautiful Shade Of Grey

Beautiful Shade Of Grey

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Released 2022, Europe

James LaBrie, internationally known as the vocalist for progressive metal icons Dream Theater, explores new territory with his fourth solo album, "Beautiful Shade of Grey." This album delves into themes of personal growth, loss, complex relationships, and LaBrie's unwavering passion for music. The creation of this album began to take shape during the global pandemic, but the collaboration with bassist Paul Logue had been in the works for almost a decade. "Beautiful Shade of Grey" is not confined to a specific genre; instead, it draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences accumulated over the years. LaBrie embraces creative evolution by stepping away from familiar patterns, resulting in a unique and compelling musical journey.



  • A1: Devil In Drag (5:37)
  • A2: Supernova Girl (4:22)
  • A3: Give And Take (4:44)
  • A4: Sunset Ruin (5:10)
  • A5: Ramble On (4:56)
  • B1: Hit Me Like A Brick (3:23)
  • B2: Wildflower (3:54)
  • B3: Conscience Calling (0:48)
  • B4: What I Missed (4:53)
  • B5: Am I Right (5:52)
  • B6: Devil In Drag (Electric Version) (4:34)
  • CD-1: Devil In Drag (5:37)
  • CD-2: Supernova Girl (4:22)
  • CD-3: Give And Take (4:44)
  • CD-4: Sunset Ruin (5:10)
  • CD-5: Hit Me Like A Brick (3:22)
  • CD-6: Wildflower (3:54)
  • CD-7: Conscience Calling (0:48)
  • CD-8: What I Missed (4:53)
  • CD-9: Am I Right (5:52)
  • CD-10: Ramble On (4:55)
  • CD-11: Devil In Drag (Electric Version) (4:33)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Acoustic

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Incorrectly labeled as a gatefold on the hype sticker.

Black vinyl edition.

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