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Madlib and Guilty Simpson

Before The Verdict

Before The Verdict

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Released 2023, US

In 2010, Madlib launched the Madlib Medicine Show Series, an ambitious project that involved releasing a new title monthly, extending into 2011. The series kicked off with "Before The Verdict" featuring Guilty Simpson, a seventeen-track rap album with the Detroit MC. This release not only marked the beginning of Madlib's Medicine Show Series but also served as a precursor to Guilty Simpson's "OJ Simpson" album, their collaboration later that year. "Before The Verdict" is an action-packed psycho-thriller presented as a full-length rap album. Now available on vinyl for RSD Black Friday 2023.



  • A1: Arraignment (Intro) (2:22)
  • A2: Ode To The Ghetto (3:05)
  • A3: Yikes (Alt. Version) (4:16)
  • A4: Further (1:50)
  • B1: Lucky Guy (6:07)
  • B2: Pigs (3:14)
  • B3: Life Goes By (3:45)
  • B4: Get Bitches (3:09)
  • C1: The Exclusive (2:11)
  • C2: Robbery (4:11)
  • C3: Kill 'Em (3:35)
  • C4: The Paper (1:28)
  • C5: I Must Love You (5:54)
  • D1: Looking For Trouble (4:22)
  • D2: Young Guns (2:48)
  • D3: My Moment (2:56)
  • D4: American Dream & Future (4:02)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Hip Hop
Styles: Boom Bap

Other Information

RSD Black Friday release 2023. Limited to 3000 copies.

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