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Lawnmower Deth

Blunt Cutters

Blunt Cutters

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Released 2022, UK

Limited green colored vinyl LP pressing of the 2022 album from the legendary garden machinery-obsessed thrashers, Lawnmower Deth. Formed in Nottingham in 1987, the band split in 1994 but reunited when asked to support Bullet For My Valentine at Alexandra Palace in 2008. A regular on the festival circuit, they have graced Download six times and Bloodstock three times.



  • A1: Into The Pit
  • A2: I Don't Want To
  • A3: Botheration
  • A4: Swarfega
  • A5: Bastard Squad
  • A6: Now He's A Priest
  • A7: Good Morning, Phil
  • A8: Bobblehead
  • A9: Raise Your Snails
  • B1: Deth! Maim! Kill!
  • B2: Christ Options
  • B3: Hell's Teeth
  • B4: Blunt Cutters
  • B5: Space Herpes
  • B6: Nothing But Noise
  • B7: Good Night, Bob
  • B8: Power Bagging
  • B9: Agency Of C.O.B.

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Thrash

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