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Jenny Hval

Classic Objects

Classic Objects

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Released 2022, UK & US

Jenny Hval is an Oslo-based musician, composer, and writer known for her multidisciplinary and transgressive artistry. Her work seamlessly intertwines musical, literary, visual, and performative expressions. With several solo albums and novels to her name, including "Paradise Rot" (2018) and "Girls Against God" (2020) published by Verso Books, Jenny Hval continues to push boundaries and defy categorization in the art world.



  • A1: Year Of Love
  • A2: American Coffee
  • A3: Classic Objects
  • A4: Cemetery Of Splendour
  • B1: Year Of Sky
  • B2: Jupiter
  • B3: Freedom
  • B4: The Revolution Will Not Be Owned

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Pop
Styles: Indie Pop

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