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Los Teddy's

Doce Psicoéxitos

Doce Psicoéxitos

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Released 2021, Spain

Doce Psicoexitos is an album by Los Teddy's, released in 2021. The album is a reissue garage LP.



  • A1: Soy Jack Flash
  • A2: El Loco Soy Yo
  • A3: No Precisas Llorar
  • A4: No Quiero Volver Atrás
  • A5: No Es Para Mí
  • A6: Sellado Con Un Beso (Sealed With A Kiss)
  • B1: Hola Yo Te Amo (Hello I Love You)
  • B2: De Repente Tú Me Amas
  • B3: Toma Y Dame
  • B4: Efectos
  • B5: Sin Fé Ni Amor
  • B6: Te He De Encontrar

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Latin
Styles: Garage Rock and Psychedelic Rock

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