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Released 2023, Germany, Austria, & Switzerland

RISE RECORDS - KVELERTAK / ENDLING - Norwegian punked-up, black metal-adjacent, classic rock-worshipping group Kvelertak returns with their new album 'Endling', set to be released in September 2023 via Rise Records. Continuing the thematic journey of their previous album 'Splid', 'Endling' explores local lore and legend. Guitarist Vidar Landa encapsulates the essence of the album in their upcoming biography: "On Endling, we delve into the tales of the extinct and vanishing individuals of Norway. Both old and new myths, cultural practices, and rituals are brought to life - showcasing folklore that transcends typical TV series portrayals. Vikings and trolls may be suited for television, but this is the authentic narrative."



  • A1: Krøterveg Te Helvete (7:55)
  • A2: Fedrekult (3:51)
  • B1: Likvoke (5:19)
  • B2: Motsols (3:05)
  • B3: Døgeniktens Kvad (6:04)
  • C1: Endling (4:11)
  • C2: Skoggangr (6:04)
  • C3: Paranoia 297 (3:17)
  • D1: Svart September (3:40)
  • D2: Morild (7:42)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock

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Exclusive jpc Mailorder Version available in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. The first catalog number is on the sticker, while the second is on the spine, inner sleeves, and labels.

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