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Euphoria (Original Score From The HBO Series)

Euphoria (Original Score From The HBO Series)

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Released 2020, USA & Europe

Labrinth has been incredibly busy in recent years, from scoring his first TV series with HBO's Euphoria to releasing an album with the supertrio LSD (featuring Sia and Diplo), and co-writing Beyoncé's song "Spirit" for Disney's recent Lion King movie. Hailing from London, the singer-songwriter-producer's music effortlessly blends electronic, hip-hop, R&B, gospel, and jungle influences. Labrinth credits his eclectic style to his upbringing in a household filled with music, describing it as an "unofficial music school" where his eight siblings exposed him to a wide range of artists. This diverse musical environment shaped Labrinth into the artist he is today, drawing inspiration from a colorful array of sounds. Labrinth's unique style caught the attention of Sam Levinson, the creator of Euphoria, leading to Labrinth's opportunity to score the show. His soundtrack, set to be released in album form this Friday, resonates with a subtle electricity that beautifully mirrors the journey of the main character, Rue. Rue, a teenager navigating the highs of drug-induced euphoria and the harsh realities of addiction, finds her story complemented by Labrinth's music. Reflecting on the teenage experience, Labrinth aims to capture the magical, chaotic, and somewhat psychotic essence of those formative years through his music.



  • A1: New Girl (1:02)
  • A2: Formula (1:31)
  • A3: Preparing For Call (0:28)
  • A4: Forever (3:22)
  • A5: Planning Date (1:41)
  • A6: Nate Growing Up (2:33)
  • A7: Home From Rehab (0:43)
  • B1: We All Knew (3:01)
  • B2: Say Goodnight (0:43)
  • B3: Shy Guy (1:25)
  • B4: Following Tyler (1:28)
  • B5: Still Don't Know My Name (2:33)
  • B6: Kat's Denial (1:30)
  • B7: Slideshow (0:56)
  • B8: Family Vacation (0:22)
  • B9: Grapefruit Diet (1:35)
  • C1: WTF Are We Talking For (2:51)
  • C2: Euphoria Funfair (10:07)
  • C3: The Lake (3:45)
  • D1: Maddy's Story (4:51)
  • D2: Demanding Excellence (3:30)
  • D3: McKay & Cassie (1:32)
  • D4: Gangster (2:30)
  • D5: When I R.I.P. (2:54)
  • D6: Arriving at the Formal (5:58)
  • D7: Virgin Pina Coladas (0:22)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic, Pop, and Stage & Screen
Styles: Score and Soundtrack

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Cover printed in a velvety-soft finish with glossy details on the teardrop and glitter on the front cover.

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