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Bob James Trio

Feel Like Making LIVE! (Black Colour)

Feel Like Making LIVE! (Black Colour)

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Released 2022, Hong Kong

In the eyes of the rap generation, an older musician's hipness is often defined by how many times he or she has been sampled for beats and breaks. That means that keyboard wizard Bob James - whose records have been sampled a staggering 1435 times, according to the website - is a bona fide legend and cooler than cool. Although he's just celebrated his 81st birthday, Bob James is not about to close the piano lid for the last time and embrace retirement. Alongside the same trio (bassist Michael Palazzolo and drummer Billy Kilson) that made 2018's critically acclaimed "Espresso" album, "Feel Like Making Live!" captures James performing a career-spanning selection of material live in the studio. "Feel Like Making Live!" includes James's most well-known hits like "Angela," "Maputo," "Westchester Lady," and "Nautilus," as well as an instrumental cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man." This new jazz trio live-studio recording is released in a 180-gram limited numbered black double vinyl LP.



  • S1-01: Angela
  • S1-02: Rocket Man
  • S1-03: Maputo
  • S1-04: Topside
  • S2-01: Misty
  • S2-02: Avalabop
  • S2-03: Nautilus
  • S2-04: Downtown
  • S3-01: Niles A Head
  • S3-02: Feel Like Making Love / Night Crawler
  • S3-03: Submarine
  • S4-01: Mister Magic
  • S4-02: Nardis
  • S4-03: Westchester Lady

Genres & Styles

Genres: Jazz

Other Information

This new jazz trio live-in-the-studio recording features Bob James' classic tracks, including hits like "Angela," "Maputo," "Westchester Lady," and "Nautilus," along with an instrumental cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man." The album is released as a 180 gram double vinyl LP in a deluxe limited numbered Orange color edition of 1,000 pieces, as well as a regular black color edition. The superb recording and deluxe gatefold sleeve make this a must-have for jazz enthusiasts.

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