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The Grateful Dead

Fillmore West 1969: March 2nd

Fillmore West 1969: March 2nd

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Released 2023, Worldwide

The fourth night of the famed Fillmore West run that produced the bulk of Live/Dead is an exceptional example of why you should never miss a Sunday show. Opening with what would later be known as the Live/Dead suite, the performance on 3/2/69 demonstrates that the Dead had not run out of steam after three magnificent shows; in fact, they surpassed the previous nights' powerful music. The first set features the entire Live/Dead suite, followed by a second set that extends for over an hour and a half, ensuring that everyone leaves late but incredibly happy.

Following the first set's Dark Star, St. Stephen, The Eleven, and Lovelight, the second set adds even more excitement with That's It For The Other One, Morning Dew, Alligator, Caution, and much more.

We are excited to present the final piece of what is widely considered one of the greatest runs in Grateful Dead history. This recording has been mixed from the 16-track master tapes by Jeffrey Norman, and mastered by Jeffrey in collaboration with tape restoration by Plangent Processes.



  • A1: Dark Star (21:24)
  • B1: St. Stephen > (8:28)
  • B2: The Eleven (12:51)
  • C1: Turn On Your Lovelight (15:36)
  • D1: Bill Graham Intro (1:00)
  • D2: Doin' That Rag (6:45)
  • : That's It For The Other One (22:58)
  • F1: Death Don't Have No Mercy (11:32)
  • F2: Morning Dew (10:17)
  • G1: Alligator > (4:27)
  • G2: Drums > (6:51)
  • G3: Jam (8:05)
  • H1: Jam (17:51)
  • I1: Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) > (9:25)
  • I2: Feedback > (7:48)
  • I3: And We Bid You Goodnight (2:13)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Blues
Styles: Classic Rock and Psychedelic Rock

Other Information

Limited to 9,000 copies, this special edition vinyl is a Record Store Black Friday 2023 release. It includes an insert with notes by Jesse Jarnow, and the final side features a unique etching. The runouts are etched as well.

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