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Five Legged Dog

Five Legged Dog

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Released 2022, USA, Canada & Europe

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  • A1: Edgar The Elephant
  • A2: Up The Dumper
  • A3: Hung Bunny / Roman Dog Bird
  • B1: Hooch
  • B2: Billy Fish
  • B3: Shevil
  • B4: Charlie
  • B5: A Growing Disgust
  • C1: Eye Flys / Woman
  • C2: Pitfalls In Serving Warrants
  • C3: Outside Chance
  • C4: Evil New War God
  • D1: The Bloated Pope
  • D2: Bad Move
  • D3: With Teeth
  • D4: Halo Of Flies
  • E1: Oven
  • E2: Sway
  • E3: Anaconda
  • E4: Lovely Butterflies
  • E5: Boris
  • F1: It's Shoved
  • F2: Honey Bucket
  • F3: We Are Doomed
  • F4: Fly Paper
  • F5: Let God Be Your Gardener
  • F6: At The Stake
  • G1: Night Goat
  • G2: Queen
  • G3: Everybody's Talking
  • G4: Revolve
  • G5: Suicide In Progress
  • G6: Prig
  • H1: The Bit
  • H2: Civilized Worm
  • H3: Don't Forget To Breathe

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Acoustic and Alternative Rock

Other Information

Gatefold packaging featuring a foldout poster showcasing art by Mackie Osborne. Release date in Europe (including the U.K.) was 8th April 2022 for the same pressing.

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* Audio and tracklist in this preview may differ from the vinyl record. See tracklist for the vinyl record above.