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Giving The World Away

Giving The World Away

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Released 2022, Europe

Giving the World Away, the sophomore album from Hatchie, is a true introduction to the songwriter and bassist Harriette Pilbeam. Produced by Jorge Elbrecht, this album represents Hatchie's most thunderous and sprawling work to date. With input from longtime collaborator Joe Agius, the album maintains the celestial, shimmering shoegaze and pop sensibilities of her earlier releases, but with the volume turned up tenfold. Featuring percussion from Beach House drummer James Barone, the album is a synthed-out, sonic opulence with a more structured and ornate musicality, incorporating influences from '90s trip-hop and acid house. Initially envisioned as a higher-energy direction for live shows, Pilbeam's introspection and self-discovery during the Covid lockdowns in Australia became the true inspiration for the record. Throughout Giving the World Away, she explores themes of dismantling internalized shame, finding gratitude, and learning to trust herself. The album delves into self-confidence and the journey of young adulthood where self-awareness begins to take shape. Incisive and probing, Giving the World Away offers a clear glimpse into Pilbeam's artistry, showcasing the power and bravery that come from embracing vulnerability and putting one's heart on the line.



  • A1: Lights On
  • A2: This Enchanted
  • A3: Twin
  • A4: Take My Hand
  • A5: The Rhythm
  • A6: Quicksand
  • B1: Thinking Of
  • B2: Giving The World Away
  • B3: The Key
  • B4: Don’t Leave Me In The Rain
  • B5: Sunday Song
  • B6: Til We Run Out Of Air

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Pop
Styles: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, and Alternative Rock

Other Information

The track listing on the inner sleeve does not match the outer jacket or the LP itself, particularly tracks A5, A6, and B1.

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