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Lo Moon

I Wish You Way More Than Luck

I Wish You Way More Than Luck

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Released 2024, USA & Europe

Although its nine songs revolve entirely around a single unifying idea of life and personality forged from revelatory moments of lived experience, describing Los Angeles band Lo Moon's third outing, "I Wish You Way More Than Luck," as a concept album wouldn't be entirely correct. Sonically bold and ambitious, fiercely literate and imagistic, the songs dance around their theme, flowing through peaks and troughs of fervent emotion. It's the singular work of a group of musicians whose confidence and abilities have not only scaled the heights of their ambitions but outstripped them. Luck has little to do with it. "I Wish You Way More Than Luck" is an album about leaving things behind - family, places, youth, relationships, time - and the traces that linger in the mind long after their physicality has receded. The infinitely transient. Music and songwriting are memory married to emotion, feeling sustained. Echoes of lives lived and lives imagined. An ethereal sense of self made tangible by intangibles. Frequencies colliding until we are lost inside a moment. That moment is all. It defines us and can inform us if we let it. And we should.



  • A1: Borrowed Hills
  • A2: Waiting A Lifetime
  • A3: Connecticut
  • A4: When The Kids Are Gone
  • B1: Water
  • B2: Day Old News
  • B3: Mary In The Woods
  • B4: Evidence
  • B5: Honest

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Pop
Styles: Alternative Rock, Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, and Shoegaze

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This exclusive indie release features onyx vinyl.

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