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In The City Of Brotherly Love

In The City Of Brotherly Love

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Released 2021, Europe

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  • A1: Die, Die My Darling
  • A2: Blitzkrieg
  • A3: The Small Hours
  • A4: The Prince
  • B1: Sabba Cadabra
  • B2: Stone Cold Crazy
  • B3: Merciful Fate
  • C1: Turn the Page
  • C2: Am I Evil?
  • C3: So What
  • D1: Killing Time
  • D2: The Wait
  • D3: Last Caress/Green Hell
  • D4: Breadfan
  • D5: Overkill

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal and Thrash

Other Information

Recorded live at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, on November 23rd, 1998. This recording captures the energy and atmosphere of the performance through an FM broadcast.

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