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Laibach and Tuomas Kantelinen

Iron Sky (The Coming Race)

Iron Sky (The Coming Race)

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Released 2023, Europe

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  • A1: Title Sequence
  • A2: Neomenia Moon Base
  • A3: Moonquake
  • A4: The Jobsists
  • A5: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
  • A6: Renate And Obi
  • A7: Vestal Celestial Amelia
  • A8: Moon Führer Is Back
  • A9: Vril-Ya
  • A10: Back To Earth / Crash Landing
  • A11: Hollow Earth
  • A12: 3310 Blue R7309170
  • A13: The Promised Land
  • A14: The City Of Agartha (Part 1)
  • A15: The Vril Banquet (Part 1)
  • B1: The Vril Banquet (Part 2)
  • B2: The City Of Agartha (Part 2)
  • B3: First Among Steves
  • B4: Malcolm Fights Raptors
  • B5: The Gate To The Holy Grail
  • B6: Malcolm Fights Vril Jobs And Vril Hitler
  • B7: The Triceratops Chariot Race
  • B8: Escape From Earth
  • B9: Sieg Heil, Mutterfückers!
  • B10: Zeit Zum Töten
  • B11: Renate Dies
  • B12: Escape From The Moon / iExcommunicating Wolfgang

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Stage & Screen
Styles: Soundtrack and Industrial

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Made in the EU.

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