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Jazz Sabbath

Jazz Sabbath

Jazz Sabbath

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Released 2020, Netherlands

Vinyl LP pressing. 2020 release. Adam Wakeman presents his unique interpretations of Black Sabbath classics. "Jazz Sabbath (1968) were considered to be at the forefront of the new English jazz movement. Their self-titled debut album was set to be released on February 13, 1970. However, on February 12th, founding member and pianist Milton Keanes was hospitalized with a massive heart attack, leaving him fighting for his life. The record company shelved the album due to financial uncertainty surrounding the release of a debut album from a band without its musical leader. When Milton was discharged from the hospital in September 1970, he discovered that a band from Birmingham, conveniently named Black Sabbath, had already released two albums featuring metal versions of his songs. His original albums had been destroyed in a warehouse fire in June 1970, with only a few bootleg tapes of Jazz Sabbath's live performances remaining as evidence of their existence. The master tapes, previously believed to be lost in the fire, were rediscovered last year. These songs will now finally be heard, shedding light on the true origins of the music and challenging the perception of the iconic heavy metal band."



  • A1: Fairies Wear Boots
  • A2: Evil Woman
  • A3: Rat Salad
  • A4: Iron Man
  • B1: Hand Of Doom
  • B2: Changes
  • B3: Children Of The Grave

Genres & Styles

Genres: Jazz
Styles: Contemporary Jazz

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