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Liquid Tension Experiment

Liquid Tension Experiment 2

Liquid Tension Experiment 2

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Released 2022, US

Reissue of the sophomore album from the prog rock supergroup featuring bassist Tony Levin, guitarist John Petrucci, keyboardist Jordan Rudess, and drummer Mike Portnoy! This album, as well as its predecessor, LTE 1, has become legendary among prog rock/jazz fusion enthusiasts, featuring groundbreaking improvisations, insanely technical playing, and truly mesmerizing production! Limited edition new colors!



  • A1: Acid Rain (6:35)
  • A2: Biaxident (7:40)
  • A3: 914 (4:01)
  • B: When The Water Breaks (16:58)
  • C1: Chewbacca (13:35)
  • C2: Hourglass (4:26)
  • D1: Another Dimension (9:50)
  • D2: Liquid Dreams (10:48)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Jazz and Rock
Styles: Progressive Metal and Fusion

Other Information

Recorded at Millbrook Sound Studios in Millbrook, New York, during October and November 1998. Mixed at Avatar Studios in New York City in January 1999.

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