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Jesus Jones



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Released 2022, UK

Jesus Jones, consisting of Mike Edwards on guitar and vocals, Tony de Borg on guitars, Al Doughty on bass, Gen on drums, and Iain Baker on keyboards and samples, burst onto the music scene in 1989 with three chart-topping singles and their debut album "Liquidizer". The band continued their success with numerous hit singles and acclaimed albums such as "Doubt" (1991), "Perverse" (1993), and "Already" (1997). Their fifth album, "London", released in October 2001, introduced new drummer Tony Arthy and featured standout singles like "Nowhere Slow", "Come On Home", and "In Face Of All This". Iain Baker described "London" as a musical consolidation that was self-supported due to the band's lack of traditional industry backing. The album delves into themes of turmoil and soul-searching, with Mike Edwards exploring personal reflections while navigating through life's complexities. This special edition of the album is pressed on 140g white vinyl, marking its first-ever release on vinyl.



  • A1: Message (2:24)
  • A2: Stranger (3:28)
  • A3: The Rocket Ship Of La Jolla (3:51)
  • A4: Asleep On The Motorway (3:17)
  • A5: Hello Neon! (4:05)
  • A6: The A Team (3:09)
  • B1: Half Up The Hill (3:28)
  • B2: The Princess Of My Heart (3:34)
  • B3: Getaway Car (2:43)
  • B4: To Get There (4:28)
  • B5: Nowhere Slow (4:01)
  • B6: In The Face Of All Of This (3:36)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Rock
Styles: Alternative Rock and Synth-pop

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