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Honey And The Bees



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Released 2022, US

One of the great, lost albums of Philly Soul! Jean Davis, Gwen Oliver, and Cassandra Wooten, known as The Yum-Yums, were re-christened as Honey and the Bees by Arctic label founder Jimmy Bishop, with Nadine Felder added as lead vocalist. Recorded in 1970 on the Jubilee imprint Josie, "Love" is a pure, sweet soul album with the unmistakable Philly Sound. Featuring arrangements by Norman Harris, Ronnie Baker, and Bobby Martin, the album includes a medley of Teddy Randazzo tunes culminating in a beautiful rendition of the Royalettes hit "It's Gonna Take a Miracle." Remastered for vinyl by Mike Milchner of Sonic Vision, this first-ever LP reissue is pressed in honey-colored vinyl and limited to 2000 copies. Side One: 1. We Got to Stay Together 2. Make Love to Me 3. Please Have Mercy 4. Help Me (Get Over My Used to Be Lover) 5. It's Gonna Take a Miracle Side Two: 1. Do You Understand 2. Now That I Know 3. What About Me 4. I'll Spend My Life Loving You 5. Love Is the Key.



  • A1: We Got To Stay Together (3:07)
  • A2: Make Love To Me (2:50)
  • A3: Please Have Mercy (3:06)
  • A4: Help Me (Get Over My Used To Be Lover) (2:10)
  • A5: It’s Gonna Take A Miracle (Medley) (3:08)
  • B1: Do You Understand (2:35)
  • B2: Now That I Know (2:55)
  • B3: What About Me (2:40)
  • B4: I’ll Spend My Life Loving You (2:45)
  • B5: Love Is The Key (2:20)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Funk / Soul
Styles: Soul and Rhythm & Blues

Other Information

This is the improved description:
"Remastered for vinyl by Mike Milchner at Sonic Vision. Limited honey vinyl pressing of 2000 copies.

Mistakes from original issue:
- Track 9 title misspelled on the back cover as “I’ll Spend By Life Loving You”.
- No play time listed for track 10 on the back cover.
- No play time listed for track 4 on the label.
- Play time for track 5 listed as 3:06 on the label and 3:08 on the cover.
- Producer "James and James" listed on the back cover with no corresponding track."

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