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Charlie Megira and The Modern Dance Club

Love Police

Love Police

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Released 2023, US

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  • A1: The Return Of The Russian Frogmen That Died And Came Back To Life As Strange Looking Radioactive Creatures
  • A2: Sababa One
  • A3: Rhythm Of Hate
  • A4: At The Elvis Inn
  • A5: No Wave Exercise
  • A6: Existence
  • A7: The Wall Of Death
  • A8: U.S.F
  • B1: And Now I Wanna Drown In Your Dark Dreamy Eyes
  • B2: Boo
  • B3: Beach Bums Must Die
  • B4: The Strange And Bizarre Tale Of The Boy Who Had One Testicle Too Many
  • B5: 333
  • B6: (Used To Be...) Psychic Youth
  • B7: Elvis Is Not Dead
  • B8: Smack Dab
  • C1: Beneath The Underground
  • C2: The Valley Of Tears
  • C3: Mao/Mao
  • C4: Here Comes Your Mama
  • C5: Ode To A Cocksucker
  • C6: Homeless Body
  • C7: Sababa?
  • D1: Freak Junior
  • D2: Psychic Youth-2
  • D3: Another No Wave Exercise
  • D4: Street Machine
  • D5: Da Homogreaser Stomp
  • D6: All Tuned Up And Ready To Go
  • D7: Je Ne Parle Pas Francais (Bonus)
  • D8: Dead Girls Blues

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Genres: Rock

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