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Tommy McLain

Moving To Heaven

Moving To Heaven

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Released 2024, Worldwide

In 2003, Swamp Pop pioneer Tommy McLain self-released his album "Moving to Heaven." This album is a rare piece of Louisiana music history, as it was only available as a CD that Tommy pressed 500 copies of over two decades ago. Tommy sold the CDs exclusively at his shows on the bayou, making it a mysterious and sought-after album. "Moving to Heaven" showcases Tommy McLain's raw and spiritual side, with DIY production techniques and eerie synthesizer sounds. Tommy wrote every song and played every instrument on the album, delving into themes of life, death, and forgiveness. Years later, Elvis Costello discovered a CD of "Moving to Heaven" in a Louisiana record store and was captivated by the music. A long-time fan of Tommy since the '70s, Costello recognized the special quality of this album. Their paths crossed in 2010 at a Bobby Charles tribute concert, where Costello expressed his admiration for "Moving to Heaven" directly to Tommy. Costello's fondness for Tommy's music was evident when he shared with the New York Times in 2022, "I would go to local, secondhand record shops looking for albums by people like Tommy McLain." Exciting news from Yep Roc Records - they are releasing the first-ever vinyl pressing of "Moving to Heaven." This limited edition pressing, restricted to 1,000 copies worldwide, features heavenly blue color vinyl and includes updated lyrics and liner notes from Tommy McLain



  • A1: Tommy McLain Testimony (3:00)
  • A2: Moving To Heaven (3:07)
  • A3: You'll Love This Heaven Too (3:24)
  • A4: Miracles (4:13)
  • A5: High Class Fool (King Herod) (4:17)
  • B1: Love Hurt Hope (2:52)
  • B2: You're Not Dancing To Wings On A Dove (2:22)
  • B3: Cold In This House (2:46)
  • B4: Looking For A Man Named Jesus (2:26)
  • B5: In Prayer (2:57)
  • B6: Radio Maria Theme Song (2:14)
  • B7: Tommy McLain Bio (Carol Skaggs) (1:34)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Folk, World, & Country
Styles: Swamp Pop and Gospel

Other Information

First-ever vinyl pressing of Tommy McLain's long-lost 2003 album, "Moving To Heaven," pressed on blue vinyl. This release is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide as per the Yep Roc website and was released for Record Store Day 2024.

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