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Released 2020, UK

Vinyl LP pressing. Justin K Broadrick initiated the Jesu project in 2003, which has been as critically acclaimed and beloved as his previous project Godflesh. Jesu is credited with being at the forefront, if not the very beginning, of the post-metal movement and the hybrid of metal and shoegaze. Exploring melancholy through heaviness, electronica, and shoegaze, the "Never" mini LP served as the project's first comeback release since 2013's "Every Day I Get Closer To The Light From Which I Came." "Never" preceded the late 2020 release of the critically acclaimed full-length LP "Terminus," exploring the more electronic aspects of Jesu's career - open-ended and vast. Initially an exclusive personal store release only, "Never" is now available worldwide on vinyl for the first time.



  • A1: Because Of You
  • A2: Never There For You
  • B1: Never...
  • B2: Suffocator
  • B3: Never There For You (Original Version)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Rock
Styles: Shoegaze and Downtempo

Other Information

Came in a clear plastic protective sleeve with a barcode sticker on the back and a small circular sticker on the front displaying the color of the vinyl.

300 copies (out of 1,000 total copies) were pressed on what the label describes as "blue in white" vinyl, but it is actually blue translucent in clear vinyl.

Created and produced at Avalanche, UK 2009-2020.

Avalanche Recordings 2020.

This release was not distributed worldwide. It was exclusively available for purchase at

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