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John Cougar Mellencamp

Orpheus Descending

Orpheus Descending

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Released 2023, Europe

John Mellencamp - "Orpheus Descending" - With a career spanning over 40 years, musician, artist, and activist John Mellencamp is releasing his 25th full-length studio album, "Orpheus Descending," via Republic Records. Recorded at his own Belmont Mall Studio and produced by Mellencamp himself, this album stands out as one of his most personal works to date. Mellencamp, known for his poignant songwriting, delves into social issues with tracks like "Hey God" and "The Eyes of Portland." (EXPLICIT)



  • A1: Hey God (3:57)
  • A2: The Eyes Of Portland (4:29)
  • A5: The So-Called Free (5:02)
  • A4: The Kindness Of Lovers (5:33)
  • A5: Amen (3:24)
  • A6: Orpheus Descending (3:25)
  • B7: Understated Reverence (3:36)
  • B8: One More Trick (3:55)
  • B9: Lightning And Luck (6:35)
  • B10: Perfect World (3:57)
  • B11: Backbone (5:09)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Pop
Styles: Folk Rock

Other Information

Inner sleeve includes lyrics. Features a "Made in Czech Republic" sticker on the back, while both the sleeve and label indicate "Made in the EU." Tracks are numbered sequentially.

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