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Dan Luke & The Raid

Out of The Blue

Out of The Blue

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Released 2019, US

Out Of The Blue is an album by Dan & The Raid Luke, released in 2019. The album is an alternative LP.



  • A1: Farrah Mantra (2:24)
  • A2: Disco Is As Disco Does (2:40)
  • A3: Exoskeleton (2:46)
  • A4: Fool (3:11)
  • A5: Money Mouth (2:55)
  • B1: Golden Age (4:08)
  • B2: Rita Repulsa (3:31)
  • B3: Maybe It's The Drugs (3:04)
  • B4: Black Cat Heavy Metal (2:53)
  • B5: Last Goodbyes (3:16)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Indie Rock

Other Information

Dan Luke & The Raid's debut release is now available on clear vinyl with blue blob design, exclusively for indie record stores.

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* Audio and tracklist in this preview may differ from the vinyl record. See tracklist for the vinyl record above.