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Mamaki Boys



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Released 2021, US

Traditional village music transformed into fiery and frenetic underground Hip Hop, "Patriote" by Mamaki Boys is a shining example of localized global music emerging from the digital cultural renaissance of the early 2000s in West Africa. Hypnotic rhythms crafted from sampled percussion and chopped-up instruments blend with syncopated staccato "ragga" inspired flow, creating infectious tracks that push boundaries. Formed in 2002 by Aziz Tony, Bachou Issouf, and Salif André during a burgeoning local Hip Hop movement in Niger's capital, Mamaki Boys recorded "Patriote" to challenge perceived derivativeness in the scene. Produced at Studio BAT in Niamey, the trio merged modern Hip Hop with traditional music by incorporating Nigerien instruments like duma and kalango, played by elder musicians, into their compositions. Their aim was to infuse rap with tradition, ancestral dances, and the cultural richness of their country. Describing their music as "tradi-moderne," Mamaki Boys' cultural manifesto shines through in every track. Each composition heavily features traditional instruments and rhythms inspired by Nigerien dances. Their urgent lyrics tackle themes such as cultural preservation, reclaiming resources from colonizers, and inspiring artists to speak out against injustice. "Patriote" stands as a powerful testament to the fusion of tradition and modernity in global music, reclaiming globalization tools in the fight for cultural identity. Originally self-released in 2009 on



  • A1: Kagani Kagani (4:06)
  • A2: Kirari (3:35)
  • A3: Guilgijin Goriba (3:52)
  • B1: Sama Ko Kassa (4:11)
  • B2: Takkaï (3:14)
  • B3: Komando (3:52)

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Genres: Electronic, Hip Hop, and Folk, World, & Country
Styles: African

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